Decided Trends.

After reflecting on my research focusing on what would work well with my concept and idea behind my company and that would cater to my audience, I decided on three main trends to design around. My audience is women aged 16-28 that have issues with getting clothing to fit properly due to their tall height, they are women that are fashion and trend aware and what to be able to wear and style the high streets key clothes, shapes and garments.

While I was research in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Dash and View, it became clear what shapes, materials and colours are going to be big in the Spring, Summer of 2014. My first look and design inspiration is a super colourful look, I want to bring contemporary pieces that are matched with similar colours and hues to create a all round colourful style. I will design blocks and panels of colour and piece together all garments with contracts of hues. My trend inspiration for this look are Prada, Celine, Chanel and L.K Bennett all of which are using the primary colours to make prints or to give a bold effect.

My second look that I feel would suit my company outlook would be garments have are extreme in the length and fit. Its been predicted and shown that super long garments such as skirts, trousers and suits are coming around. I feel that if I create high waisted super long skirts and trousers it would explain my company as a whole. Tall women could have fitted, flattering garments that suit and fit at the waist as well as being at the right, designed length as they are in the high street and run ways. It will also bring a tailored look that can be altered to give occasions and styles, it could easily be dressed up or down or changed through colour or accessories such as shoes, trainers, over coats etc.

My last look that I will design for is a trend that has become a very popular one in the high street, the sportswear luxe look. The tailored, modern and plain look is becoming matched with a highly coloured, shaped running shoe. Looking through into trend research and designs, mixing materials has become aware and around a lot more, the use of netted materials, sewing so that it is on show and oversized hems and rolls. I feel that this trend gives a different look and to the standard garments that I could create and I feel that sportswear moulded into ready to wear fashion is going to be huge and it can be directed into different ways therefore I feel that create garments that will fit perfectly on tall women would work really well on a trend thats going to be so huge.



– ‘The super long skirt’ – pale clothes, high waisted, plaits and folds with big chunky belts to be paired in a smart way or in a street wear/ sports wear way.

– ‘The wide legged trouser’ – hip or high waisted, would really suit my collection and could cater with to the sizing.

– ‘The trench coat’ – would be great to make, would suit well to taller women, very timeless and could take a classic and full it with modern materials or colour.

– ‘The new suit’ – could take it to the extreme, really make the arms short and the coat super long, show how the problem can be made into something original and super modern.

– ‘Transparent’ by Cos! This is a massively amazing collection which will hit big within fashion and fashion students. The light weight, see through material can be used to give length and depth! LOVE IT.

– ‘Metallic/plastics/netting’ Metallics are coming in! Everyone loves a little bit of fun and metallic madness, would be really nice to give hints and light to the garments. Modern materials and sports materials are great!

– ‘Sports luxe’ I’ve never been into sportswear but but but its really getting to me, I really love how I could bring hints in else where from the shoe and footwear. All women have got a good pair of nikes or new balance, why not give the chance to experience more sports luxe!


Final Major Project.

Its week 4 into my final major project and I feel like I need to dot down any inspiration and key ideas or thoughts that come up! Its been tricking to get work done the past weeks due to London Fashion Week and a number of interviews for my fashion design degree. However, after a long couple of days in the library, a pile of photo copying and book searching, I feel like my inspiration and design pathway for my brand ‘The Fit’ is clear and I’m more than ready to produce a large number of design ideas.

From my inspiration, I noticed a few different key trends for AW14 such as colour, neons and bursts of colour are back in similar to the work of Celine and Prada this season. I also noticed popularity burst in sports wear and ready to wear fashion pieces. Mixing up the tailored, modern and casual pieces with a bright, over the top shoe or trainer. This really interested me which is strange as I’m a person that normally sticks to my main inspirations and likes.

I’ve also been looking into models and magazines, looking at front covers over the years and how the graphics and layouts can change the whole outlook of the magazine! I feel that I want to reach out to women that are modern, fashionable and really want pieces that fit well, sort them and show the true them. When I say fashionable, I don’t mean someone that wears everything thats in topshop or head to toe in Prada, I mean a women that gets inspired by fashion and builds their own style from the pieces available. Therefore my brand would have suit and cater to those types of people.

Denim Project.

For our last project of part 2, we were giving a brief on Denim. It was a pretty open project which was divided into each section of Fashion. I chose to do the Fashion Design pathway of the project and decided to come up with the idea of ‘bringing shape to denim’.

I chose to design for the company called Harnett&Pope who are a up and coming company in brick lane that specialise in modern, hand made garments made by the designers themselves.

For my collection I was inspired by designers such as iris van herpen, issey miyake and Hussein Chalayan. All of which create and explore work with shape, pattern, movement and 3D effects.

Inglorious Beasties – Final Garment.

As a Fashion Designer rather than a textiles designer, I really investigated and looked into how and what style my garment would be. I wanted to create a structured and simple piece that would allow the print to stand out and really push it’s concept.

I looked for inspiration in designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Jonathon Saunders and Alexander McQueen. I loved how these designers created such tailored, modern garments with simple and minimal colour.

While designing I choose to stick to a white and black theme, inspiration by Alexander McQueen. I did this so my garment would fit into context and it’s theme. I wanted the moths to be moving to light in my pattern so I came up with the idea of added and stitching in detail with orange by hand.

Here is a image of my final constructed piece! With a few changes to the collar and cut of the garment due to difficulties that I faced. If I did this project again I would make sure that I researched into interfacing the collar to achieve a more 3D effect and also spent more time on the making.



Postcodes Project – W1S

Over Christmas we were giving our dress codes for postcodes project which was based around styling. We had to choose a postcode in London, research, explore and style 3 looks for our own photo shoot.

I chose to go to the Mayfair area of W1S, focusing on Savile Row! I researched into the location and the history of the area and found that it was mainly manly dominated so I came up with the idea of creating a Savile Row tailored style outfits that could be worn by a range of women to a range of events.

To view my project and my styling company ‘Modern Hints’ that I put together with the help of my team, check out where all my looks and photos are displayed.